Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear Facebook, and Virtual Universe

And some days I'm only half my size
And some days I'm ten feet kneelin'
And some days I'm the owner of this city
And some days I get caught steelin'
Donovan Frankenreiter

Dear Facebook Family and Virtual Universe,

I've been thinking a lot about my energy.

How it flows inside me and out.

As I left acupuncture this morning I thought about how I am responsible for how my energy flows, within myself, and out in the world.  I thought about how maintaining it isn't always easy, but it's so important that I am aware of it, and where and how I choose to let it flow, because I believe we always have a choice.

There are so many ways we look at and describe our energy - meridians, chakras, auras, moods, physiological responses, etc.  Most days, for the most part, my energy and thoughts are constructive, and happy, peaceful, loving, and flowing like a clean river, but some days it's more stagnant, frustrated, angry, and/or toxic.  I am usually aware of either of these, and I am not one for extremes, but I prefer extreme love and peace to anything else, but as we all know, it's not always that way.  My energy and moods ebb and flow.

I try to share more of the "good" than the "bad", but I want to always share the truth, and experience, and that which I feel can help everyone, including me.  Forgive me if I have trespassed against this promise.

Sitting my butt on the cushion is still the best medicine I know.

Acupuncture is pretty dang awesome too.

I guess where I am going with this is that I have been thinking about my energy in virtual spaces.  I feel connected to one another, but would be more happy to see you face to face, and our eyes meet and we hug and talk, smile, laugh, cry and come together.  But that's not always possible.  But what is possible, is how I choose to share my energy here.

Sometimes I need some space holding and love, and I am grateful for you to help me.  I really feel you.  Words can be powerful.  Sometimes I feel that I have love to share and somehow that seems more complicated.

"Am I sharing too much?  Am I interjecting too much opinion?  I want to share my experience and relate to you, but I don't want to put words in your mouth, or make it seem as if I think I am right.  There is no one way."

I want my love and presence to be felt, really felt.  So sometimes I click "like" or give a <3 or a few simple words to let you know "I'm here for you.  I love you."  Sometimes I go off and type a whole paragraph or two, hit enter, and think, "Was that what I need to say?  Does that help or make something better?"

I hope I have never over-offered my opinion where it is not wanted or needed, but in reality, I am sure I have, I know I have.  That is something I am really really working on -what words I choose, the time I choose them, and what energy is attached to them.

I am always learning.  I am always brining in new vocabulary, and letting other things go, and I have also found that shapes how I interact.

I just want you to know that I really love this space, and there are a lot of different people, and sometimes it feels a bit noisy, but it still feels rather homey.  I want to be responsible for the energy I bring.  I'm letting my guard down and being vulnerable right now.

I could say more, I could say less, but here's my heart on the line.

This is simply how I feel about me, and I wanted to share my thoughts.

I hope you still love me no matter what, because I still love you.


P.S. Penny for your thoughts?

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