Monday, February 11, 2013

Morning Intentions

This melts me.  He snuggled his brother as I grabbed the camera.

In addition to a gratitude journal practice I recently began a morning intention practice.   I am grateful to be inspired by the lovely Hannah Marcotti, and especially this post.

Every start is different.  Sometimes they come right away, and sometimes a while after we've been up.  Some come from things that happened the day before, some from my journal, some from the morning mood, both the boys and mine, but all of them from my heart.

I also love capturing our Starting Moments over at Instagram (#startingmoments).  Another fun thing inspired by Hannah.

I really enjoy this little ritual and the boys love taking pictures and hearing how much I love them, so it's win-win.


Seeing himself
Starting (after my huge cup of warm honey-lemon water).

I recommend sitting with this idea and seeing if it resonates with you as well.  It's definitely a game changer.

Here are some of my first morning intentions.:

Love everyone as they are, not as I sometimes want them to be. 
Be kinder than necessary. Stop more often.

Pick your battles. Let go.

Just be present and give your attention to that which is in front of you. 
Lay down your needless worries.

I know that breakups can be painful. 
But me, perfection and insecurity just aren't meant to be. 
Continue to loosen up.

Let the day unravel at its own pace, and go with the flow. 
Release any expectations and worries as they arise.

Stop when my name is called. 
Stop even when it isn't.

Have fun.

Don't ever forget that being the change is more important than talking about the change.


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