Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's always my choice to let my frustration or anger stew into an ugly mess of sulking or self pity. Or I can let it go.

Z reminds me of this every day. As a two and a half year old kid it has become his job to test the world, and that includes me and my ego. Some days it's tipping over the toy shelf three times in a row, climbing the pantry in search of the treat he can't have two of or breaking my favorite knick-knack from Disney World. He's not usually being "bad", he's just figuring out the world, cause and effect, has an idea, or he's pushing his limits. Don't we all?

So it's up to me to be aware that every moment is new and we can move from frustration or anger to OK and let the it go. It's OK if I let it loom just enough to make me think about why I'm really frustrated, how I reacted or how I could have prevented the mess. Eventually, for goodness sakes, it's got to be let go. Sooner rather than later is always best. Of course there's the ugly word discipline that sometimes has to rear it's head, that's a given as a parent. Eventually I realize that all in all, within a few minutes, the deed is done, the point is made and it's all OK. Sometimes it takes noticing that he's moved forward and is over it, he understands my point (as much as he can at this age) and I'm the one sitting there stewing. It's good for no one.

So, that's my lesson for myself today -let the frustration or anger go when it's all over, don't let it loom.

Now if I can just practice this more often.

I'm working on it.