Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Earth Hugger

I get asked a lot of questions.  Some of them are simple and some are rather complicated.  Sometimes the most complicated part is how to explain it to a three-year-old.

Z asked me, "Why do I fall so much?"

I thought for a second and replied, "Because you're goofy and because of gravity."  I was just curious if he'd accept that or ask about gravity again.

"What's gravity?"

"The earth is dense and heavy pulling you to the ground.  It's called force.  It doesn't want you to float away."

He laughs.  "Why is it pulling me?" 

"Well, we see the moon go around the earth everyday, right?"


"The moon spins around the earth.  The earth pulls the moon close because of gravity.  And the earth spins around the sun.  The sun pulls the earth because of gravity."

"Why?  Why is it pulling?"

"The earth wants a big hug!!  You sure like to hug the earth a lot, don't you?"

After many laughs, giggles and earth hugs we went about playing some more.

His why's indicate to me that he's curious and learning.  He may not always fully comprehend it but he's paying attention and asking questions.

Astrophysicists don't even know why.  They can explain, observe and experience but the don't know why.  So that's my explanation.

I love the questions he asks.  I love that he inspires me to think about things I haven't thought about in a long time.  I love that he makes me curious.

It also makes me happy to think of all the things we will learn (or re-learn), experience and observe about this world together.

And now we have a fun explanation for falls.

How would you explain gravity to a three-year-old?
What are some of your favorite questions you've been asked by your kids?

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