Sunday, January 1, 2012

In a Few Words

One more time we've welcomed a new year.

Happy 2012 to you.

I'm not big on making new year's resolutions.  I'd rather my intentions slowly evolve and grow with me every day.

However, there are a few words I'd like to bring further into focus this year.

Unconditional Love
Towards every being.

For everyone and everything that crosses my path.
Good or bad.
Welcomed or unwelcomed.

With my life, my place in this world, my home, my family and my friends.

To family, friends, community, the earth, the seasons, myself, my art & expression and breath.
A deeper connection to my children by seeing the world through their eyes, not just mine.

A reminder to be aware and present.

Slow my thoughts, my reactions, my sense of urgency and worries.

Non-judgemental Awareness
Thoughts and emotions come and go.
Don't hold my thoughts or judgments against anything.
Let them burn away in their own time.

Heart, mind & sense of freedom.

For my thoughts, words, breath, actions and reactions.
Finding space for me to sit.
Creating a space for my creativity and art.

Going beyond my fear.
Learning to dive in deeper.
Not worrying about perfect.

Have you made any resolutions, set any intentions or thought about your new year?

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