Monday, January 30, 2012

Twenty-five Minutes with Z

The other night I ordered some take out.  Someone had to go get it.

It was cold and dark and I said, "I'll get it.  You watch the boys and I'll be back."

Then I realized what I had actually said.

I have not left Bodhi since he was born.  Even to go get take-out.

Wow.  I know, I know...

Then Z wanted to go.


I kind of wanted to be alone for twenty-five minutes.  Even just picking up food.

Then I realized even more what that meant.

I haven't spent any time with just Z since Bodhi was born.

So what did I do?

If you know me, you know the answer.

I ended up saying, "Come on!  Get your shoes on."

We cranked up the music and sang shouted "our song" over and over on the way there and the way back.

We didn't really have time to explore too much but being together was a special break for both of us.  He even got to pick a special "dude drink" and help carry food to the car.

I want to take him out alone again soon.

I love that little man and I almost forgot how special it was when it was just him and me.  This mama and her little dude have a special bond and I've got to savor that.  I've been so caught up in taking care of both of them, I haven't spent enough time with each of them alone.

I'm glad he asked to go.  As always, he opened my eyes a little more.

Mama & Z meeting Clifford!
Bodhi was in my belly.

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