Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Walk With Z

Today, we took the boys out for a drive to see the lake and some boats.

Z enjoyed the drive through the hill country while Bodhi slept next to him.

We listened to music, chatted and decided to stop for some lunch. Then Daddy had a cool idea. We decided to grab some Schlotzsky's and some Gourmet S'Mac and Cheese and head to the dam for a picnic. 

We backed up to the lake and peered at the huge concrete wall spilling water into Lake Austin. Some people were fishing on the bridge and the woods were right next to us.

We pulled down the tailgate and snacked until we were content.  The promise of cinnamon roll kept Z close by for a little while.

Of course, Z was now very eager to explore the bridge. He and Daddy rushed off and immediately Z was drawn to the fishing poles. The guy knew Z would love to see the fish he had, so he pulled a fish up to Z's amazement. He ran and ran until they headed back towards Bodhi and me, who were slowly meandering along the edge near a lizard and peeking into the water.

Next, he and Daddy rushed off to the woods along the water's edge and Z came running back full force just as excited as could be. It was all new to him.

Daddy pointed out some honeysuckle, which we hadn't seen bloom since last year.  A year is a long time to a three and a half year old.  I picked a few stems and hurried back, eager to share the bounty. We showed Z how to gently pull flower off then stem out to get to the sweet liquid. Pretty exciting to a little dude that is curious about everything.

Then he took my hand to go for a walk. I handed over Bodhi to Dad and we took off to explore.

I love exploring with Z. I love how he notices every little detail surrounding us, taking in things he's never seen before and touching everything, absorbing every new sensation.

He told me about all the rocks, and plants, and water.  "What's that?"  He was fascinated by the water shooting out the dam. "Why aren't they all open?"

He led me on an "adventure" until we made our way back towards the parking lot, where he pulled me back. He wasn't ready yet. He wanted to be with just Mama a little more, no brother, just us. We aren't alone all that often anymore, so the time that we are is precious.

As we headed back the opposite direction, something rushed out of some high grass. A little rabbit!  What a treat.  "Shhh, come here." I picked him up quickly so that he had a good view.  The little rabbit paused.  It took a few hops and Z was delighted with it's little white cottontail.  Just like Peter Cottontail.  He squealed and wiggled.  The little creature remained.  Then Z wanted to get a little closer, so a few steps later he hopped back into some thick brush.  We just smiled and smiled at each other.  "That was cool."

We held hands the whole time and saw tons of butterflies and lizards on the way back, noticing each and every one.  He just talked and talked and I listened and answered questions.

We saw Daddy and Bodhi and were excited to tell them about the rabbit and adventure, so Z decided it was time to head back.  Our short little journey was complete, but as special as anything I could ever imagine.

I love seeing the wonders of the world anew through his eyes.  He really makes me stop and enjoy everything in a whole new light.  When I am with the boys, it is as though I am seeing everything for the first time along with them.  Nothing is ever the same.

I adore these boys!

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