Monday, April 2, 2012


Grandma and I took the boys to the Zilker Garden Festival this weekend.  We love roaming around the botanical gardens there.

On our way home there was a patch of bluebonnets so we stopped to take some pictures.

We always take the time to stop and smell the bluebonnets in Texas!

I'm glad we did.  It was a short, hot fun few minutes at the end of our adventure.

Sweet Bodhi soaking up some sun in the Texas bluebonnets.

He loves to touch everything.

Checking out what's going on.

Enter big brother!

Big brother hugs!!  Post tackle.
Bodhi loves any attention that Z gives him.

My silly silly boy.

Digging the flower he found.

"Hey, do you see this flower?  It's pretty cool."

Curious and full of love.

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  1. Your little guy is getting so big! Beautiful pictures. I wish we had some of that loveliness over here in West Texas.