Saturday, April 14, 2012


After an awesome park visit yesterday with some lovely friends we stopped for some fuel on the way home.

I noticed a hot and tired family sitting on the side of the store. A mother, a father, a baby sitting in a stroller with a few bags on the ground.

The mother walked up to me as I was talking to the boys in the truck.

She asked me if I knew Spanish. I replied, "Un poquito. Not really."

I listened to her tell me something about her family and that she needed a little money for food and a ticket. She was just weary and exhausted. They looked a little lost.

At first I didn't think I had any money.

I don't know their story.

I don't need to.

I opened up a compartment in my truck and found some dollar coins and handed them to her.

She was grateful and smiled, "Thank you."

I smiled, "You're welcome. Take care."

A man in front of the store cautiously watched as though he didn't want us to notice him. He wanted to be left alone.

As she walked back to her family he looked at me, then quickly said something to her and pulled some money out of his pocket. She was clearly grateful.

Z asked me, "Why did you give her money?"

I replied, "Because she asked for help. She didn't have any money and I had some so we shared."

I saw the wheels turning in his head...


  1. beautiful. you always have had a kind heart.
    i love you, Nik!

    sidenote: twice a month, at the light going into my neighborhood ( i always get caught by the light, coincidence?, I think not) anyway- there is a man standing in the middle of the two lanes with a hat. I always, always drop a buck into his hat and we fist bump- and he says "God Bless You" and i say the same. <3

    1. Awesome. I say there are no coincidences, we just think there are. :) Love you and miss you with all my heart.