Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Heavy Hearts

Today, we have heavy hearts around here.  There's nothing to hide but it's all delicate news to bear.  Explaining some things to tiny people without freaking them out takes practice.

One thing I do know is that since becoming a mother and starting Zen practice I have noticed much more in the world and there have been more feelings than ever before in my life.  My tender heart has opened a little more each day and experience.  It has also been the beginning of strength like I never knew I had.  Even when things happen all at once all I can do is be there with each one as it is happening and do my best not to see it as a problem but tending to life.  I try to take it one at a time but sometimes it seems to magnify every single thing around me.

I found out that someone I love dearly fractured her vertebrae.  She was giving Z a piggy back ride then fell.  While it's not very serious it will take some uncomfortable recovery time and sets her back to zero in a lot of ways.  It breaks my heart and there's not enough I can do.

Then yesterday, Z's doctor's office called regarding the swab they took from what I thought was a bug bite.  It's a "rare unidentified gram branching bacteria" and they sent it off to the Texas Department of Health to identify.  The nurse did her best to reassure me "not to worry too much if he's getting better and the antibiotics are working" or it could be a contaminated sample.  However, it's not any news any Mama wants to hear.  It is getting better and he's acting completely normal but the words "rare and unidentified" coming from a doctor's office just don't sit well with me.  I will wait and watch.  I am also grateful he has a three year old well check scheduled today so we'll see what the doc thinks.

All the while we've been thinking about our sick fourteen-year old, Paco's bone cancer.  He is our chihuahua companion and best tiny buddy.  We love the fearless goofy little tail wagger that has been on numerous adventures with us over the years.  Zach got him as a tiny puppy before we met.  He's had a life that has been more fun than some people I know.  But now, he is not doing well and getting worse.  It all started around Bodhi's birth but we gave it time before jumping to conclusions and rushing to a vet.  We all know his time is waning and we've done what we can to keep him comfortable and happy.  It doesn't seem right or fair to have to make the sort of decision we have but we did.  Tomorrow we will lay him to rest in our backyard and bury him on our property.

OK, now I'm really crying.  

It hurts and scares me.  All of it.  All at once.  But all I can do is breathe and see what each moment and tomorrow brings.  I am trying not to jump to conclusions and be on edge.  My children surround me and watch my reaction to everything.  They mimic my feelings and their little instincts pick up even the most faint emotions.  I will not hide my feelings, I will explain them.  But I must be strong at the same time.  I am grateful for my practice -both Zen and motherhood.  Life isn't fair or easy.  It requires love and fearlessness to get us through each day.  And today I need a lot of it.

Paco many years ago

Paco and Z as a baby

Bodhi and Paco a month ago

Mama and her tiny Paco Roboto 

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