Thursday, November 24, 2011


Everyday is a day of gratitude, as far as I'm concerned.  There are so many things to be grateful for my heart is overflowing with love and abundance just thinking about it.

I am grateful for my family, friends and critters.
Each and every one: past and present, near and far, here and gone.
I am grateful for my two children that mean the universe to me and humble me every day.
I am grateful for a husband that takes care of us, sacrifices, accepts me for who I am and have grown to be, and has been by my side through thick and thin for almost twelve years.
I am grateful for the strong women in my life that raised me to be who I am and taught me more than I will ever know, my Mom, Nana and Grandmother.  
I am grateful for the bond of unconditional love between us all.
I am grateful for every person that has ever crossed my path.  
Each one is a teacher that has brought a lesson about myself and the world to my heart; whether I wanted to learn it or not.  Sometimes the lessons we don't want or think we need are the ones we need the most.
I am grateful for Zen practice that makes me aware of the flame dancing upon my head.
I am grateful for Maezen, who has given me the gift of love, attention, teaching and practice.
Although I am not formally her student, she is my teacher in so many ways.
I am grateful for Momma Zen, written by Maezen.  
It has opened my heart and eyes and helps me to trust myself and be more patient than I ever imagined.
I am grateful for the Zen teachers and students I have met in Austin, although I have not sat with them in so long.
I am grateful for the times when I notice my frustration and anger and am able to sit with it.
I am grateful for the times when I express my frustration and anger then have the courage to say "I'm sorry", sooner rather than later.  And mean it wholeheartedly. 
I am also grateful for fear, for it teaches me how to go beyond and be fearless.
I am grateful for strength.
I am grateful for every experienced in my life.  The stuff that makes me happy and even the stuff that pisses me off.
I am grateful for the roof over my head, car that gets me where I'm going and things that make my life easier, prettier and nicer.   
I am also grateful for the things I don't have that also makes my life less complicated.
I am grateful for health and wellness. 
I am grateful for healthy food that I am able to nourish my family with. 
I am grateful for sunshine and rain.
I am grateful for Austin, Texas and every person that makes this a beautiful and friendly city.
I am grateful for the love and abundance that surrounds me in so many forms and ways.
I am grateful that each moment is new and a chance to start again.
I am grateful for my life.

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