Saturday, September 17, 2011

Joy Pockets

Joy Pockets

Sitting under the Full Harvest Moon with Daddy while the boys slumbered.
Family cuddles.
Listening to Daddy tell Z bedtime stories.  
Z picks the topic and Daddy spins a tale.
Making a decision to cut the computer and TV completely during the day.
It feels great.  We love it.
Warm fresh banana bread. 
Painting, drawing, stickers and coloring every day.
We love creating and making art together.

 Picking up leaves, sticks, herbs and tree balls to make a welcome fall painting.  

Watching tiny fingers paint and get messy.

A tiny human getting gigglier and smilier every single day.

Waking up snuggled next to a tiny baby.

Cooking with Z. 

Sitting still.
On the cushion.  On a chair.  On the floor.
With my words.  With my feelings.
With anxiousness.  With joy.  With anger.  With frustration.
Working every day on feeling and not just reacting or overreacting.

joy pockets

Joy Pockets.
Thank you, Holistic Mama / Bohemian Twilight.


  1. Z is a wonderful artist! Wonderful joy, may they continue for you :)

  2. Thank you! I love creating with him. These tiny boys bring me great joy!

  3. so i missed everyone's posts last time! what with being away...

    my fave here is "sitting still" oh yes!