Thursday, September 8, 2011

Your Heart is the Size of Texas

We all have a heart the size of Texas.  That is one reason I love this state.  We all know how to get things done and help one another out when the going gets tough.  Let's open our hearts a little more.

While thousands of acres in Central Texas burn, thousands are without everything and at least a thousand and a half homes are destroyed, we all have a choice.

We can sit and dwell while glued to the news and say, "That's terrible.  What if it was me?"
Or we can think of them, open our hearts, turn off the TV, ask our neighbors and friends who needs help.

We can say, "Oh, I just cleaned out my closet.  Sorry."
Or we can dig deep and give something nice that we are still using.  Find that something you're saving for "when I lose ten pounds", "when my baby reaches that size", "a special day", "once in a while" or "I just can't let that go."  Let it go.

We can say, "Oh, I have just enough groceries for the month."
Or we can clear a bag out of our pantry, whether we could use it or not and give to those left with nothing.

We can say, "Oh, I just had a garage sale or just donated to charity."
Or we can take our kids to their toys and books and help them choose what they can give to the children who have nothing.  Heck, clear out the toys you know they won't even miss.  You can buy more.  You have plenty.

We can say, "I don't know what to do."
Or we can put together a fun crafty kit for some kids to keep them busy while the parents are making plans to rebuild their lives.  They both need that.

We can say, "I'm broke."
Or we can open our pocket book and donate something as small as $10.

We can ask, "Don't they have insurance?  They must."
Or we can say, "They need it now."

I'd like to thank my beautiful friend, Nikki for passing along several Facebook posts about how she is collecting for families she knows.  Her heart is the size of Texas and I think she is awesome for all her hard work.

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  1. I think it's called compassion for your fellow man. Good post and I learned a little more about Texans. Thanks.