Saturday, September 10, 2011

Joy Pockets

Joy Pockets 

Remembering not to push the river
Moments when I realize I am enough and have enough.  There's always enough.
Writing a real letter and saying thank you
Starting a Fall garden

 Quiet time with each of the boys.

Lovely Summer weather with beautiful skies and lower temperatures!
Short lived moments to sit and feel my breath on the cushion
Watching the boys sleep peacefully 
Old friends and new
Fresh basil, mozzarella and tiny sweet tomatoes
Baby talk -him and me
So many "why" questions keeping me on my toes and making me laugh uncontrollably

joy pockets


  1. such sweet pockets. love the why questions, we have an abundance of them over here with a 3.5 yr-old! lol

    p.s, joy pockets will be moving to my parenting blog for future Fridays.
    Holistic Mama

  2. Thanks, Mama. The "why's" are a favorite of mine at this age -almost three. Some really make me think. Some are funny like the other day, "Mama! Why do my bananas always fall when I eat them!!??" He said it so seriously, I had to stop laughing to answer.

    I really enjoy Holistic Mama. Thank you for your inspiration and beauty.