Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Autumn

I am in love with Autumn.

It's just lovely, as the cool weather seeps in, we pull out our sweaters and prepare to cuddle up with ourselves and one another.

We still have warm days, but the mornings are magically cool.  Dew on the grass.  Blasts of cool air as I let Shadow out for her morning jaunt.  And every now and then a blanket of fog, like a dream, waiting to slowly burn off.

There is something magical about the transition, and change of seasons.  The communion with the natural world, and rituals of seasonal love.  It's a descent into darkness in order to lay low, release, and discover ourselves, and our shadows.

Autumn is a time to cozy up our dens, shed unnecessary things, and prepare for a mini-hibernation.

It's a time to slow down, and not forget to sit on the cushion as often as the boys allow.

We sow our seeds, tending to them carefully and lovingly, and patiently await the Winter Solstice, and return to light.

I love making warm, hearty meals, that fill the house with warmth, soothing, sometimes spicy aromas.  It's a blessing to make and set good healthy food on our table.

I love baking.  I love being the alchemist, and preparing and mixing the ingredients.  Such simple staples, put together with love, create such pleasure and fill us up with goodness and smiles.

Autumn is also time for celebration.  Mama and Daddy are Autumn Scorpio Children.  Z is our little Libra boy.  I am excited to prepare for birthday celebrations, and rituals, of us and other family members as well.

My gift to myself on my birthday is to set my intentions for the year, and reflect on how I have lived authentically and responsible for myself and others in my life.  If I'm not living honestly and happily, and reflecting back on my journey, what's the point?  There is always room for letting go, and opening up.

It's also the time for the Gratitude Celebration, Thanksgiving, which I love to celebrate with family and friends.  I love having dozens of people coming in and out all day and night, as we each share a bounty and hugs.  Apple pumpkin pie is my favorite!

Plus, there is always something to be grateful for.

I was blessed to win this lovely set at Athena, Sage Goddess' giveaway.  Thank you!  What a beautiful way to start our season, full of abundance and love.  

Photo credit, Athena, Sage Goddess
I love the sage bundle that I ordered from her and was blown away by her lovely scents -the oil and the bath salts.

I also ordered a special Autumn gift for myself from the lovely Stacy De La Rosa.  The story behind the necklace has been on my mind since a friend sent it to me a few years back, and it is one to always remember.  It was a nice surprise to discover it in her shop.

The boys woke up to this storybook, because we love fairies!  What's more fun than searching for fairies each day in the tiny house we built during Spring!?

Today we hosted a Welcome Fall art party and some of our favorite, loving, awesome mamas and their babes came over, and we shared tasty snacks, and watched the babes play in color for as long as their attention held.  When they were done, we explored the yard and playroom together, and chatted, as mamas always do. It's great having some like minded, loving, earthy mamas to share the world with.  

And soon, we will take a Fall camping trip.  I am giddy about this!  Exploring the woods with babes is magical in itself!

I love this season!

What makes Fall special for you?  

What are some of your favorite things to do and look forward to?

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  1. This is beautiful. It's really got me thinking about the coming darkness in a different way. Thank you.