Thursday, September 27, 2012


Before bed, I sat and played with Z.

Don't you love listening to your children play, and hearing what they say?  When we actually sit and play, giving our full presence.

We rolled the cars across the roads, and included as many people and fuzzes as we could in each one, sometimes stuffing them fuller than we thought they could be.

It's like that with children.  Always learning limits.

He told me which ones were Mama and Dad, and which ones were the brothers.

I love how he expresses his world through play.

Some of the cars flew.  Some were jets.  We had boats that drove.  A few spaceships.  Even a yellow submarine.

Nothing is impossible to him.

He painstakingly put each person into the driver seat.  Some people took him about a minute to get just right, but he just re-adjusted, and made it work.  Then he would drive them a few feet away, and put them in another car.  Repeating the process of making the person sit just right.  It wasn't work to him at all.  It's what he does.

"When you can do anything as though you work at nothing, you have the best days of your life."  Karen Maezen Miller  This was the biggest lesson yet.  

As we began to park them for the night the children said to the parents, "I'll never forget our adventures together.  Thanks.  That was fun."

I teared up and smiled.

Absorb that, Mama.

Soak it in.

While you can.

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