Thursday, August 23, 2012


We opened our front door after three days and two nights at Schlitterbahn, glowing and happy.  We pushed ourselves far enough to be very tired, and our feet to be worn, but not completely exhausted.  We unbuckled the dudes, handed them their shark puppets and cars, unloaded the truck, showered and chilled.  Daddy headed out to pick up our sweet Shadow and we unpacked a little and played plenty.

The boys were happy to be home to familiar ground and toys.  After all the water play I could hardly get them out of the tub, which was full of dirty gray water.  You know the color, it reminds you of how much fun you just had.  I think we still smell like suntan lotion.

I was happy we got to take our own food so we also didn't return with a junk food hangover.  Of course we had our fair share of Dippin' Dots and some cheese pizza, but gratefully had plenty of fresh fruit and healthy goods to keep us going long and strong.

I loved seeing the gleam in their eyes as they explored every slide and pool, laughed while bouncing in the lazy river, made Summertime friends, and stayed up late.  Everything was so new to the boys, and seeing it all through their eyes made it a whole new experience for us.  It really didn't even matter that I spent most of the three days in wading pools.

The after hours hot tub and arcade called Z each night, as he won little prizes and made some girlfriends.  He's such a little flirt.

It was also awesome that family joined us for two out of three days, and Daddy got to escape and ride some big rides for a few hours.

Z told everyone that would listen that we were living at Schlitterbahn for three days.  They also needed to know that he was not a baby but his brother is, that he could do the rides, and he was three, almost four, and was going to have a dinosaur birthday party.  Sometimes they even got to hear that he could poop on his own and not in his swimsuit, which made the moms smile, and the seven year old little girls look at him with crooked grins like "that's cute but a little TMI".  That's my boy.

Ninja-stunt sliding

Exploring the Yellow Submarine

Let me go, I can swim!!!

Getting ready to taste the sea star

Feeling the cold Comal River water

Daddy and I even got to take Z on a tube ride together while Grandma waded and played with Bodhi.  Everytime he rushed down the rapids he almost exploded with excitement.  It was also nice to have some dude time.

The dudes tubin'

Bouncing with joy!

Look at that daredevil's grin.

Bodhi enjoying a pretzel half his size

On our second night "living at Schlitterbahn", Bodhi crawled off the bed and bumped his head.  It made us all sad and after he calmed down and we figured he was really okay, just stunned.  Z and I decided to read some stories and go to sleep next to him, like we had the night before.  While I stepped out to find our flashlight, I returned to find Z sweetly singing "All the Pretty Little Horses" to Bodhi and I just about melted.

Pure sweetness.

The last day was just us so we spent all our time wading in the kiddie pools and floating the lazy river.  Bodhi even napped in his tube while I floated around next to him.

Hi, Daddy!

We got a gator!

Eventually, we hopped on the last bus home, with smiles on our face, ready to get some more good food in our belly.

Last bus to the resort

Heading home

See you next year, Schlitterbahn! 

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