Monday, August 13, 2012

Perfect Fit

It's amazing how mamas and babes' bodies are built to fit one another.

No matter how I carry Bodhi, he fits perfectly in my arms or on my chest.  They are meant to be close to us.

During the day, when Bodhi calls for milk by tapping or biting at my chest, I scoop him up and his little head nests in my arm as our bellies connect.  The bigger he gets, the longer his legs extend, but our bellies, heart, and breath are always connected.  

He gazes up at me, and around the room, as I push the hair out of his eyes and we reach for each others hands.  His tiny fingers touch mine, sometimes seeking a pinch of the boob or a grab of my mouth.  Then he smiles, and his eyes light up and we laugh.

Every night when I snuggle up to Bodhi to nurse him to sleep, I am amazed at how his little head fits perfectly under my arm, like a mama bird tucking her babe under her wing.

His warm little belly presses up against mine.  Our breath rising and falling, intertwined peacefully.  One heart, in two bodies, beating next to one another.

That extra fat below my belly seems to be there for a purpose -to give him a cushion, which his knees push inward, wrapping around my tuft of belly perfectly.

I rise out of bed when I hear his breath slow and his grip loosen or let go.

When I turn in for the night, I lay down and he automatically reaches for the boob, where we fall asleep together.  Connected and comfortable.

It's up to him how long this ritual lasts, but every time is as special as the next.

It's pure love and comfort.  A perfect fit.

Mama and her little nestling.


  1. this such an amazing post. as a momma that also extended nursing, i've many of the same feelings. thanks so much for sharing!

    1. It's so special, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. I agree -- what a sweet post!! Great observations and noticing... My youngest is now five but I carried him on our walk today. He snuggled right in!