Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hang On

Getting two kids out the door isn't the easiest task.  

Sometimes, Bodhi is just adamant about following me around, and not being left to play, while I am getting us ready.  Yesterday morning was no exception.  I was almost done, so I whizzed by and said, "Just a minute, honey.  Hang on."  He stood at the gate with my keys in his hand, trying hard to get out. 

Something else came up.  Doesn't it always?

"Just a minute, honey.  I'm sorry."  He screamed and banged on the gate.

I decided it wasn't fair.  He had asked politely by calling my name for attention.  He fussed.  Then he screamed.  

I opened the gate and he rushed to the door with the keys in his hand and pretended to use the keys on the doorknob.  He peeked back at me with a huge grin that said, "Do you see what I did?  I figured it out!  I know what to do with these keys."  

So we sat for a few minutes playing with the door.  

There's always a few minutes.  I know this, don't I?!  We've got all the time in the world.  I am so grateful to be a home with these boys, and able to give them a few minutes when they ask for it.

When I can "give my full attention when the request comes", as Myogen Steve Stücky reminded me a few years ago, life is much happier around here.  I would have avoided Bodhi being sad and frustrated, me feeling stressed, and above all taken care of what was most important.  

What is right in front of me is always what's most important.  

Hopefully, I will always give you those few minutes, because your requests are so simple.  And even if they're more complicated, that's okay too.

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