Thursday, July 19, 2012

Night Night

Sweet Baby Bodhi asleep on the night of his 1st birthday
When Z was born, I wanted to create with a special nighttime goodnight or prayer.  I had many songs about daily rituals, that donned on me in the middle of bath time or play time.

The idea sat with me for his first year and I knew eventually something would pop into my head.

I want him to understand the importance that we're all in this world and universe together, co-dependent of one another, and all essentially made of the same stuff, from here to infinity.  Honestly, he knows this more than me.

Finally, one night, as I was laying him to bed, I started telling everything goodnight.  I started with us, then our home, and it traveled outward, ending in a full circle.

Now, every night I also say or sing it to Bodhi along with our favorite bedtime song, All the Pretty Little Horses.  We cuddle, nurse, and I tickle and sing him to sleep.

Night night, Z
Night night, Bodhi (now that little brother is here!)
Night night, Mama
Night night, Daddy
Night night, Paco
Night night, Shadow
Night night, P. Pat
Night night, Family
Night night, Friends
Night night, Neighbors
Night night, Austin
Night night, Texas
Night night, United States
Night night, North America
Night night, World
Night night, Moon
Night night, Sun
Night night, Solar System
Night night, Stars
Night night, Universe
Night night.  
I love you!

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  1. That's so cute. I still remember our little night night ritual, it involved a similar little prayer for my loved ones. And I have very fond memories of my mother singing me to sleep when my ears were hurting really bad from an infection..