Saturday, July 28, 2012

Love is Love

Love is there, even if you wonder if it is.
Love is love.

Love is unconditional.

Love cannot be lost.

Love cannot be diluted.

Love isn't more or less.

Love is endless, and full and never absent.

In the words of Operation Ivy, "The position being taken, is not to be mistaken, for attempted education, or righteous accusation, (it's) only a description, just an observation."

I think that Z is finally beginning to understand in his three year old brain that my love for him is unconditional and unchanged since the birth of his brother.  I can love him and his brother at the same time, no matter what.

This isn't something I can tell him, although of course I do.  He had to see it.  

He's seen it over and over and over in what I do for him, out of nothing but love.

I love my boys.  They are my heart.  

Sometimes he sees me swoon over his brother.  I used to be afraid for him to see it, that he may think I loved him less in that moment.  I never hid it, I just always thought, "What is he thinking right now?"  What silly thoughts.  

He has to see me love endlessly and unconditionally, everyone that I can.  Sometimes I think it's hard to see me cuddle, adore and love another being with my whole heart, but it's the same love I give to him. If he has to come hurdling into the hug to feel it, then fine, I will not push him away.  Push your way into my circle of love as many times as you have to and finally understand that you are always welcome, although your brother may tug those lovely locks.

These boys have night and day personalities.  And that's fine.  It doesn't mean that I love either of them differently.  I just love them.  That's just how love works.  

He has seen me lose it, he has seen me cry, he has seen me angry, especially when another person gets hurt (including him), but I always return to love him no matter what.  You see, because my heart may fracture, but it is ever whole and shining with love.

Unconditional, forever love.

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