Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thanksgiving, Day One

Everyday is good for giving thanks, but November is such a special month.  Not only do we have Thanksgiving Day to celebrate, we have five major November birthdays, right on the heels of Z's October Birthday.  Grandma, Daddy and Mama all have November birthdays, as well as Uncle Beau and Papaw.

Whew!!!  This is an awesomely busy time of year.

I thought it would be nice to do an online gratitude journal, in addition to my regular old hand written one.  So here it goes...

Day One:

*Still happy about Halloween and trick-or-treating.*

**Honoring our ancestors as we celebrate Dia de los Muertos today.**

**A gorgeous warm and sunny Fall day with clear blue skies.**

**Visit from a Red Tail Hawk.**

**Delicious fettucine alfredo with spinach pasta.**

And by the way, my handwritten was inspired by many of you, but especially Awesomely Awake.

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