Thursday, August 25, 2011

Walking in Circles

Sometimes I walk in circles feeling like I should be doing "something else". I feel guilty sometimes for not doing enough. Or being enough. I wish during these times I could turn off my thinking brain. Then I realize it's a good thing that I can recognize it. Because it allows me to stop and evaluate my walking in circles.

All at once I can be flooded with...
I've got a to-do list
Laundry needs to be done
I want my desk organized
I want the table cleared
There are dishes
Z probably needs a snack
Bodhi is about to wake up
Did I play with Z enough or clean the playroom too much?
What am I making for dinner?

Then I realize I thought all that in a matter of a few minutes.

Man, my brain can be busy.

I have the power to stop that.

I have the power to realize that it doesn't all need to be done right then and slow down. Sometimes it is just all in my head and I don't have to act. I just think I do.

I have the power to take a deep breath, fix Z a snack, sit with him, play and wait for Bodhi to wake up. And fully pay attention to each thing as I do it. If I get a moment to do the rest then I do. You'll always know when it's time.

It's as simple as that.

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