Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Change happens.

We've had a lot of it lately in a very short period of time.

I am so grateful for my tiny teachers, always reminding me that I can accept change, or I can fight it.  

I can get frustrated or sad about it, or I can accept that frustration and sadness and keep on truckin'.  

I can put on a smile and laugh, or I can put on a frown and ruin the mood for everyone.

I can dwell on how much harder it is, or I can simply make us all more comfortable.

There's always a little of both.

Bodhi has become mobile.  He is no longer the tiny infant that I can set down on the play-mat and walk away to grab some water.  Oh, no.

All in a matter of weeks he was pushing up...

Getting up on hands and knees...

Doing downward dog...

Rocking back and forth...

Sitting up...

Putting one hand then knee in front of the other...


Pulling up...

Standing while holding on...

Working hard to get to anything anywhere...

And now he is ready to play with big brother.  I mean really play.  Crawl on him, pull hair and seek out his tiny Legos.

He wants to really be in the experience now.

As soon as Bodhi began taking off, I began to feel nostalgic.  He is no longer my tiny immobile infant.  He is learning independence and becoming capable of exploring.  He is outgrowing nine month outfits and he is seven months old.  He is no longer a newborn.  Of course, he's still cuddly and lovey dovey but he is also ready to explore on his own a little more each day.

We have got to understand that he is busy sometimes and doesn't just want to be pulled away from something.  He works hard getting from point A to point B.  He gets very frustrated when he gets to a toy, only to have it taken away or replaced.

He's learning how to use his little body and finding such pleasure in it.  It's an honor to be a part of it.

These tiny people change so fast and all I can do is bear witness to it and assist it.

Routines are changing.  

Naptime are changing.

Dinnertime is changing.

Bathtime is changing.

Bedtime is changing.

Everything is changing.

We're all growing in leaps and bounds.

I must clear the paths and let go.  

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