Friday, December 16, 2011

Joy Pockets

This week we were all getting over a bit of a cold.  Tiny people with stuffy noses are sad.  But all in all we made the best of it, slowed down and spent plenty of time smiling and playing around.  Plenty of joy pockets to go around.

Celebrating the 12th anniversary of my and Zach's first date.
Watching Bodhi wiggle forward more and more. 
He's like a little inchworm and it's so cute it makes me squeal with delight.
Watching Z cheer on Bodhi.
"Yay, Bodhi!  Good job, Bodhi!!"
Decorating sugar cookies with tons of colored icing.

The garden is blossoming beautifully.
Peas are flowering!
Building with tiny LEGOs.
Grandma brought more tiny LEGO people too!!
Surprise visits & presents from Papa.
Visit from Papaw & Nana who live miles away.

joy pockets

 Joy Pockets.
Thank you, Holistic Mama.

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