Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's O.K.

You know the moments.
The moments where everything seems to be wrong all at once.

My small mind sees:
The kitchen is messy, I'm are late making lunch, for some reason the T.V. is still on, and I wonder why I didn't make more coffee.
So I start to dwell. And stress. And make something out of nothing. Then Z runs in the kitchen and sees me frustrated and smiles, "It's O.K., Mama." His simple observation hits me hard. He is right. Again. Instantly, that little smile melts my heart into loving submission and I realize, yes, it is O.K.

His big mind sees:
Dust and grass are easily vacuumed, lunch is quickly finished, the T.V. is turned off and all I really need is a glass of water and the wisdom of a child.


  1. I wish I'd had your good sense when mine were little.

    I've started composting and it helps me remember that everything we worry about in life, including ourselves and our *stuff*, ends up food for worms. Somehow that consoles me and gives me a calmer perspective, but I'm kinda weird! :D

  2. Everyone is weird. Especially me. :)

    Being a mama has changed me in ways I never imagined. I've never felt more responsible in my life. He really makes me think about every single thing I do and say. Not only is he a parrot, everything I do effects him and I am sure I'll compost it the rest of my life. I think meditation helps me more than anything.